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Have fun colouring in these patterned animals with our colouring sheets. They also make a great relaxing time activity for your kids or for youself as a stress relief.

If you send in a picture of your coloured page, you’ll also have the chance to win a digital copy so that you can enjoy even more colouring!

Animals with Pattern Colouring Book (with giveaway)

What’s in our Colouring eBook

The book includes 20 designs, and you can also use it to learn/teach some Collective Nouns about certain groups of animals.

  • a brood of chickens
  • a parliament of owls
  • a muster of peacocks
  • a troop of monkeys
  • a pod of whales
  • a herd of cattle
  • a warren of rabbits
  • a cluster of dragonflies
  • a swarm of bees
  • a stand of flamingos
  • a colony of bats
  • a streak of tigers
  • a pride of lions
  • a pack of dogs
  • a smack of jellyfish
  • a dray of squirrels
  • a shoal of fish
  • a bask of crocodiles
  • a flock of sheep
  • an army of caterpillars

Available in our ETSY STORE and TPT STORE.

Printable Colouring Pages

Animals with Pattern Colouring Book (with giveaway)[download#229]

Animals with Pattern Colouring Book (with giveaway)[download#230]

If you would like to sample these, you can download a printable PDF of each of these designs.

Colouring Book Giveaway

For your chance to win a copy, choose one of the colouring pages above to print and send in your finished colouring page via twitter or facebook.

If entering via TWITTER, please follow @morningmobi and @ mention us in your entry so that we can keep track.

If entering via FACEBOOK, please share your picture on the wall on our MorningMobi Facebook page.

Please record your entries in the Rafflecopter below so that we can easily select a winner. There are a couple of bonus entries too.

This giveaway is open to entries worldwide and for anyone who loves to colour! Good luck!

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Terms & Conditions: Our giveaway is open worldwide. Winner is selected at random from all valid entries. The prize is a pdf copy of our colouring eBook. Please provide your email so that we can email you your copy, if you are selected.