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Happy Chinese New Year! Su and EO wish you all a Happy Chinese New Year. May you have a happy, healthy and fun year. :). We made 2 fun and creative red packets (a.k.a. Ang Pao) free for download! Feel free to print them and have fun!

no money inside red packet (ang pao) free download

There’s no money inside Red Packet Design

此包无银三百元, based on an old chinese saying 此地无银三百两, come with a small piece of newspaper (LOL)

Download: [download#139]

The Huffs red packet (ang pao) free download

The Huffs Horse Year Red Packet Design

The Huffs is bringing gold fortune to you (and your kids!).

Download: [download#140]

Fun Stories for Your Kids during Chinese New Year!

The Huffs and the lost prince

The Huffs and the Lost Prince

Follow the rainbow and plunge into a colorful mushroom field where you’ll get to meet the Huffs! In this first book, the three good friends embark on a quest when Tuff finds a mysterious golden egg hidden behind some bushes.

Fun Jobs with The Huffs Flash Card for kid's learning

Fun Jobs with The Huffs!

Looking for a fun way to teach your kid about different types of jobs from A to Z? We’ve made 26 beautiful flash cards with The Huffs, each of them are beautifully illustrated by us. Let The Huffs motivate your child today!

CNY Horse Wallpaper

Horsey 2014 Chinese New Year Wallpaper

The Huffs love to celebrate Chinese New Year too! :D

Download Horsey 2014 Chinese New Year Wallpaper

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