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Both EO and I are from Ipoh – the land of delicious food like Bean Sprouts Chicken (芽菜雞), Flat Rice Noodle with Shredded Chicken (鸡丝河粉), Salt-baked Chicken (盐锔鸡) and many more. As we both love to eat and explore new design, so what better way to share our loves with you than to combine the two together, thus resulting in this wallpaper.

Ipoh Hor Fun Wallpaper

Featuring Ipoh Gai See Hor Fun (鸡丝河粉 in Cantonese), literal translates to Flat Rice Noodle with Shredded Chicken. It is a flat rice noodle dish served in a clear chicken and prawn soup with chicken shreds, prawns and spring onions.

This wallpaper was inspired from low poly illustration wallpapers that EO downloaded for his phone and laptop.

Download The Wallpaper

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Instruction Guide

Instruction Guide for Wallpaper

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