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Chinese writing worksheet Vocabulary day sky

Vocabulary Series: WORD + “DAY” 天组词

Bringing you a new series – learn both writing and some commonly used Chinese vocabulary! For our first topic, they are words that are paired off with the character “DAY / SKY (天)”. Let’s learn how to write these words in Chinese!

This series will be made available in our SHOPIFY STORE soon.

This series contains 24 pages of writing worksheets:

  • 天 day / sky
  • 今天 today
  • 明天 tomorrow
  • 后天 day after tomorrow
  • 昨天 yesterday
  • 前天 day before yesterday
  • 每天 everyday
  • 整天 all day long
  • 半天 half a day
  • 白天 daytime
  • 蓝天 blue sky
  • 晴天 sunny day
  • 天空 sky
  • 天气 weather
  • 天灾 natural disaster
  • 天然 natural
  • 天堂 heaven / paradise
  • 天使 angel
  • 天才 genius
  • 天线 antenna
  • 天桥 overhead bridge
  • 谈天 to chat [verb]
  • 星期天 Sunday

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