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falling sick 生病 Simplified Chinese writing worksheets

Series: SICK 生病

Even though we do not like falling sick but it is best to learn these common illnesses – fever, flu, cough, etc – in Chinese so that you will be able to tell others when you are feeling unwell.

This series will be made available in our SHOPIFY STORE soon.

This series contains 31 pages:

  • 生病 getting sick / falling sick
  • 不舒服 feeling unwell
  • 感冒 flu / cold
  • 发烧 fever
  • 咳嗽 cough
  • 胃疼 stomach ache
  • 拉肚子 diarrhea
  • 喉咙痛 sore throat
  • 头痛 headache
  • 头晕 dizzy
  • 呕吐 vomiting
  • 恶心 nausea
  • 抽筋 cramps
  • 3 colouring pages
  • 1 example sentence page

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