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Places in Chinese writing worksheet

Series: PLACES 2 地方(二)

This is the second continuation of our PLACES worksheets. This time we will be learning more places that you can spot in neighborhood/town/city. So, let’s find out what are hospital, gym, pet store – just to name a few, in Chinese.

This series will be made available in our SHOPIFY STORE soon.

This series contains 30 writing worksheets + 6 colouring pages.

  • 马戏团 circus
  • 教堂 church
  • 寺庙 temple
  • 工厂 factory
  • 医院 hospital
  • 监狱 prison/jail
  • 画廊 gallery
  • 宠物店 pet store
  • 法庭 court of law
  • 加油站 petrol / gas station
  • 健身房 gym
  • 药房 pharmacy
  • 仓库 warehouse
  • 图书馆 library
  • 6 colouring pages

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