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Chinese writing worksheets occupation jobs in Chinese

Series: OCCUPATION 2 职业(二)

This is the second continuation of our OCCUPATION worksheets. This time we will be learning more jobs in the working world. So, let’s find out what are fisherman, inventor, policeman – just to name a few, in Chinese.

This series will be made available in our SHOPIFY STORE soon.

This series contains 35 pages of writing worksheets + 5 colouring pages.

  • 保姆 babysitter / nanny
  • 清洁工 cleaner / janitor
  • 工程师 engineer
  • 木工 carpenter
  • 收银员 cashier
  • 船员 sailor
  • 空服员 flight attendant
  • 推销员 salesperson / salesman
  • 救生员 lifeguard
  • 魔术师 magician
  • 建筑师 architect
  • 警察 policeman
  • 记者 reporter
  • 司机 driver (for land vehicles)
  • 发明家 inventor
  • 歌唱家 singer
  • 图书管理员 librarian
  • 渔夫 fisherman
  • 5 colouring sheets

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