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Numbers Chinese writing worksheet

Series: NUMBERS 2 数字(二)

After learning the basic numbers of ONE to TEN, let’s learn more numbers related words; like ZERO, HUNDRED, THOUSAND, etc.

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This series contains 20 pages of writing worksheets.

  • 数字 numbers
  • 零 zero
  • 两 two
  • 百 hundred
  • 千 thousand
  • 万 ten thousand
  • 亿 hundred million
  • 兆 trillion
  • 加 to add
  • 减 to subtract
  • 乘 to multiply
  • 除 to divide
  • 等于 equal
  • 一半 half
  • 四分之一 one fourth / a quarter
  • 奇数 odd numbers
  • 偶数 even numbers

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Let’s learn more NUMBERS in Chinese!

Half in Chinese writing worksheet

半 half

Download: Worksheet 1 - 半 half (58 downloads)

Thousand in Chinese writing worksheet

千 thousand

Download: Worksheet 2 - 千 thousand (53 downloads)

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