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Quantifiers Measure Words in Chinese writing worksheets 量词

Series: MEASURE WORDS 2 量词(二)

Here is the second part of our Measure Words series. It is important to know these quantifiers or measure words when learning Chinese. These measure words are usually used to represent the numbers of the people, things and actions.
Example: a person 一個人

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More from our MEASURE WORDS series:

This series contains 20 pages of writing worksheets.

  • 双 – for things that are in pairs, such as shoes
  • 副 – for sets of things
  • 粒 – for small round things (peas, pills, grains etc)
  • 颗 – for small spheres, pearls, hearts, satellites etc
  • 座 – for buildings, mountains, large solid things etc
  • 场 – for games, movies and events
  • 首 – for poems and songs
  • 篇 – for written items such as chapter and articles
  • 张 – for paper or newspaper or forms
  • 把 – for things with handles
  • 根 – for long slender objects
  • 架 – for planes
  • 艘 – for ships and vessels
  • 幅 – for textiles or pictures
  • 堆 – for things in stacks or piles
  • 份 – for gifts, jobs, newspaper or to show a portion
  • 道 – for long thin things or dishes
  • 顿 – for meals, beating, tellings off etc
  • 串 – for rows or strings
  • 包 – for things in packages and bags

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