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Simplified Chinese writing worksheets Kitchenware vocabulary in Chinese

KITCHEN Series: Kitchenware 厨具

This is the second continuation of our KITCHEN worksheets. In our previous series, we have learned some basic Chinese vocabulary about food, utensils and related verbs. For Kitchenware, we will learn even more utensils found in our kitchen. So, let’s find out what are frying pan, baking tray, soup ladle – just to name a few, in Chinese.

This series will be made available in our SHOPIFY STORE soon.

This series contains 26 pages of writing worksheets + 4 colouring pages.

  • 烤盘 baking tray
  • 烤箱 oven
  • 砧板 cutting / chopping board
  • 搅拌器 whisk / blender
  • 削皮器 peeler
  • 保鲜盒 tupperware / food container
  • 擀面棍 rolling pin
  • 锅 pot / pan
  • 平底锅 frying pan
  • 锅铲 spatula
  • 炉灶 stove
  • 汤勺 ladle
  • 筷子 chopsticks
  • 4 colouring sheets

The best way to learn:

Before you begin this series, it is best to first go through In the Kitchen series to learn the basic related words and vocabulary.

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