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Dragon Boat festival Chinese writing worksheets


When summer solstice is near, it is time to celebrate Dragon Boat Festival! Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional holiday of China where people celebrate with eating rice dumplings, drinking wine and racing dragon boats.

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This series contains a total of 25 pages.

  • 端午节 Dragon Boat Festival / Duanwu Festival
  • 夏季 summer
  • 龙舟 dragon boat
  • 龙舟竞赛 dragon boat race
  • 龙舟队伍 dragon boat team
  • 旗子 flag
  • 鼓 drum
  • 粽子 rice dumpling
  • 糯米 sticky rice
  • 竹叶 bamboo leaves
  • 屈原 Qu Yuan
  • 诗人 poet
  • 2 colouring sheets
  • 1 short story about the festival

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Let’s learn about DRAGON BOAT FESTIVAL in Chinese.

Dragon Boat festival Chinese writing worksheets

人 person

Download: Worksheet 1 - 人 person (52 downloads)

Dragon Boat festival Chinese writing worksheets

队 team

Download: Worksheet 2 - 队 team (44 downloads)

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