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Chinese writing worksheets at the park in Chinese

Series: AT THE PARK 在公园

There is a lot of interesting new words to learn when you are out at the park. Let’s learn some related Chinese vocabulary to prepare your day out at the park.

This series will be made available in our SHOPIFY STORE soon.

This series contains 30 pages of writing worksheets + 3 colouring pages.

  • 公园 park
  • 跷跷板 seesaw
  • 秋千 swing
  • 滑梯 slide
  • 跳房子 hopscotch
  • 捉迷藏 hide and seek
  • 放风筝 to fly a kite
  • 遛狗 to walk the dog
  • 散步 to go for a stroll
  • 踢球 to kick a ball
  • 野餐 picnic
  • 池塘 pond
  • 莲花 lotus flower
  • 青蛙 frog
  • 蝴蝶 butterfly
  • 3 colouring sheets

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