February 4th, 2012 | (0)

News Flash! There are cases of missing panties in the neighborhood. Beware of mysterious panty stealer!

You get to read headlines like this, especially in the Chinese newspapers. Well, there is a lot of weird things going on in this world. But for this case, most probably someone out there have some sort of misplaced love on underpants. Maybe I should change the title to “Panty = Love”?

Mysterious Panty Lover, Character design - MorningMobi.com

Although it’s the wrong sort of thinking, I always imagine those panty stealer as someone cold and mysterious. Perhaps a cat-like being, lurking in the corner of the balcony, fleeing the streets at night, with a trail of underpants following behind him. Or maybe even like the Piped-Piper, blowing a magical pipe and enchanting the underpants to float down towards him.

Mysterious Panty Lover, Character design - MorningMobi.com

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