January 17th, 2012 | (0)

Recently I’m getting annoyed. The person who caused this is my girl friend, Su. She started to neglect me and doing all the mushy talk with another guy! RAWR!

The Annoyed EO & His Rival - MorningMobi Web Comics

(=..=) Pretty boys… Not only mushy talk, but also dating, touching, kissing (with NDS Stylus)… And She even asked me how to win their hearts! *Flip Table*

For those who don’t know what is Tokimeki Memorial, it is a school life game where you can chase after girls and try to win their heart within the 3 years of high school. The one Su is playing now is Tokimeki Memorial Girl Side 2: Kiss, where the game is catered for female players to chase after pretty, handsome, cool-looking guys. With the NDS, you can do all sorts of interaction with the stylus, such as touching the character’s hand, pats head and even kissing. (=..=)

Maybe I shall replay Tokimeki Memorial too… I miss the girls and school life…