April 2nd, 2012 | (2)

Super Blur Cow - Shake your bum - MorningMobi Web Comics

Staying together under one roof, especially together with my(Su) parents, needs lots of patience, compromises and a bucketful of good funny bones! Ma always observes EO with her sharp eyes as having a “chubby mouse” as her daughter’s BF is still a very foreign concept for her. Plus, she gets to know more about EO through his actions and mannerism. Some of EO’s actions, even I have never noticed until now. #_#

Ma’s Observation # 1: The Waddling and Shaking Bum

It all started with EO walking in front of the TV. Ma noticed that his walking motion is different from Manly Man Walk. So now, watching EO walking has become a new “thing” in my house. Perhaps the waddling is caused by meatier thighs or maybe skeleton structure? But EO always sways and shakes his bum when he walks. (Honestly speaking, I think he just likes to sway and shake for his own amusement :p ) Thus Ma will give me THE EYE, sigh heavily, and then succumb to a giggling fit!

Life is full of laughs with EO and Ma. Though it seems like Ma is laughing at him instead. =_=”’

Maybe I should take a video of EO walking, but I think he might kill me XD