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real chicken flavor cup mee - MorningMobi Web Comics

I love eating cup noodles. Back in Singapore, as I can’t cook at my place, my next best and inexpensive meal is cup noodles. There are some that taste like yucky, then there are those that taste so nice that it’s like the REAL thing!

Both EO and I love this brand 康师傅, and we have tried as many flavors as possible (well, those that are available in the mini marts around our HDB block. If you really want to try, go for their 當歸枸杞細麵 instead of their 香菇炖鸡面 a.k.a. Chicken Mushroom Noodles. The taste is quite REAL. They even include dried wolfberry.

康师傅香菇炖鸡面 Chicken Mushroom Noodles

康师傅香菇炖鸡面 - MorningMobi Web Comics

“pok pok keh!”

Cup noodles maybe convenient, but they are not healthy! So don’t eat too much! ;p

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