March 28th, 2012 | (2)

Super Blur Cow When Ma meets BF - MorningMobi Webcomics

What does SBC means? It stands for Super Blur Cow! And that Blur Cow is me, Su! I always have this tired blur look on my face, but I’m not blur… … at least not all the time. (@_@)

As the only daughter in the family, my Ma has always hoped that I bring back a HANDSOME and RICH GENTLEMAN, as my boyfriend, home to meet her. But reality is always the opposite. XD Yesh! Reality bites hard!

EO’s quite round, and with my Ma being extremely health conscious, she harps on him almost on a daily basis. Luckily, EO’s a bumbling positive ball of joy, so their interactions always end up being very funny.

I remembered my Ma’s first words to me after she met EO, “Wah, girl, he so fat one arh?” (direct translate from Chinese). All I did was “sweat-drop” and “… …” (=_=)”’

What’s your parents reaction when you introduce your BF/GF?