February 8th, 2012 | (3)

Home Alone, Plant's Life - MorningMobi Web Comics

LoKam, the mandarin orange, is left all alone on the living room table. We were rushing out for our trip to Sabah, that Ma and I totally forgotten to stuff LoKam into the fridge with the others. In fact, we also left the entire box of mandarin oranges in the corner of our living room. So you can imagine our wrinkled nose expression when we opened the door, and the pungent stench of rotten oranges filled our noses. Talk about a welcome home greeting. XD

Back to poor LoKam. Alone on the table, he slowly loses his sanity as his only purpose in his orange-y life is diminished to a pile of rotten stinking softness.

It’s alright LoKam. Now you will have a new purpose for your afterlife – that’s to become part of my Ma’s homemade enzyme.