January 19th, 2012 | (2)

Happy Chinese New Year! Are you celebrating CNY? It is 4 days away from CNY, the day where family member will gather and eat a lot LOL.

Happy Chinese New Year from MorningMobi Web Comics

The first time I’m not with my family for CNY

Yea, 20 over years in my life and this is the first time I celebrate CNY elsewhere. It is a bit uneasy but I guess that’s part of the growing up.

Instead, I’m going for a trip to Sabah, Malaysia. This will be my first time there. Wanted to see the Mountain Kinabalu aka the highest mountain in South East Asia! Oh ya… I haven’t pack my stuff too!

Happy CNY and wish you a safe & healthy year ahead!

How about you? Are you going back to hometown and visit your family and relatives? Have a safe trip and don’t over eat! In case you don’t celebrate CNY, Happy Holiday!