• April 5th, 2012 | (0)
    Super Blur Cow - My Brother A Silent Killer - MorningMobi Web Comics

    SBC #4: My Bro, A Silent Killer

    Ah! This brings back not-so-fond memories of my big brother, Mun, when we were younger. I guess this is his own special way of loving his little sister. Mun loves to disturb me when I am about to go into dreamland. He would silently creep into our shared shared bedroom and do all the disgusting […]

  • April 2nd, 2012 | (2)
    Super Blur Cow - Shake your bum - MorningMobi Web Comics

    SBC #3: Shake your Bum!

    Staying together under one roof, especially together with my(Su) parents, needs lots of patience, compromises and a bucketful of good funny bones! Ma always observes EO with her sharp eyes as having a “chubby mouse” as her daughter’s BF is still a very foreign concept for her. Plus, she gets to know more about EO […]

  • March 30th, 2012 | (0)
    Super Blur Cow The Flying Green Meteorite - MorningMobi Web Comics

    SBC #2: The Flying Green Meteorite!

    Urgh! I dislike it when EO digs his nose and sends the tiny boogers all over the place! I admit that “cleaning” one’s nose is a blissful action. Well everyone does it too. But just don’t send them flying all over the place and give them sound effects like a laser beam gun. ;p “piu […]

  • March 28th, 2012 | (2)
    Super Blur Cow When Ma meets BF - MorningMobi Webcomics

    SBC #1: When Ma meets BF

    What does SBC means? It stands for Super Blur Cow! And that Blur Cow is me, Su! I always have this tired blur look on my face, but I’m not blur… … at least not all the time. (@_@) As the only daughter in the family, my Ma has always hoped that I bring back […]