• December 31st, 2012 | (0)
    Look back at Su's 2012 - MorningMobi Web Comics

    SBC #16: So long 2012!

    \(^_^)/ Happy New Year to all! Today’s the last day of 2012. Time to look back at what has happened in the past year. For myself, it was a year of up and down. Mostly on the down side. :p But life’s like that! Anyway, on a happier note, at least I FINALLY updated 1 […]

  • June 5th, 2012 | (0)
    Death by smelly pillow - MorningMobi Web Comics

    SBC #15: 1+1+1 equals x_x

    Death by one smelly monkey gas filled pillow. Mun LOVES to do this to me! I really hope that he doesn’t do that to his future children or teach his son how to bully the sister in such icky ways. But without all these icky moments, I don’t think I’ll have much memories of Mun […]

  • June 4th, 2012 | (0)
    Super Blur Cow - Love makes one have rainbow! - MorningMobi Web Comics

    SBC #14: Love makes one have rainbow

    Loving someone can sometimes make a person as angry as a hissing cat or as docile as a bunny high on veggie pellets. Love can even make you have rainbow. I do love my handsome 2d men (in manga and games) so very very much. EO, please don’t spoil my eye-candy time! ;p

  • May 30th, 2012 | (0)
    Cute toys Kobito dukan - MorningMobi Web Comics

    SBC #13: This is Cute!

    This is a long post! XD It looks somewhat gross, but it’s quite beautiful as well. Love at first sight! It’s a Drawf called Mokumodokiookobito (a long name, I know). Kobito Dokun (or Encyclopedia of Dwarfs) is an illustrated encyclopedia that features all kinds of dwarfs living in this world. It’s the work of Japanese […]

  • May 28th, 2012 | (0)
    real chicken flavor cup mee - MorningMobi Web Comics

    SBC #12: Real Chicken Flavor Mee

    I love eating cup noodles. Back in Singapore, as I can’t cook at my place, my next best and inexpensive meal is cup noodles. There are some that taste like yucky, then there are those that taste so nice that it’s like the REAL thing! Both EO and I love this brand 康师傅, and we […]

  • May 26th, 2012 | (0)
    Coffee aroma or ghost - MorningMobi Web Comics

    SBC #11: Aroma or Ghost?

    EO loves coffee, but I don’t. I have never ever drank a cup of coffee in my entire life, only the rare one teaspoon sip to find out what’s so nice about it. I can’t even stand the smell of coffee when EO makes a cup in the office. It’s too much for my nose. […]