About MorningMobi

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening! Welcome to our humble website. It’s very nice to meet you all!

Our Story

MorningMobi was founded by 2 multimedia designers, Ellem Ooi and Lew Su Ann. It was created as a shared passion for designing our own cute characters. In our beginnings, we post and share random artworks and comics, but eventually we decided to give our characters a creative value and purpose in their 2D lives, that is fun and educational for kids. And that’s how we arrived with the idea of making our own MorningMobi colouring books.

Asides from children’s activity books, we also design for T-shirts, wallpapers, cards and things that need cute fun characters. MorningMobi has started a journey of exploring and learning different art and design techniques to dedicate to the creation of compelling visual experiences and narratives.

The MorningMobi Team

Su Ann is the author and illustrator of the MorningMobi team. Putting together her love for cute characters and fun stories, she combines her passion into creating children’s books to bring children into her colorful and fun world.
Su Ann likes: fun musicals, the sounds of waves, pillows, fluffy owls

Ellem is the driving force behind the creation of MorningMobi. He takes charge of everything that involves web design, coding, marketing and being the brains of the team. A robot fan and a gourmet, he hopes one day to create his own mini-games.
Ellem likes: technology, sashimi, hot steamy coffee, talking to people

Creations for You!

We appreciate that our design makes you happy. Even though we don’t have thousands of fans (yet), we wish that our artwork and books can delight, entice and inspire you and/or your kids. Have a fun time reading our comics, and get goodies for yourself and/or your kids in our goodies section.