• January 16th, 2012 | (2)

    EO in Brunei – The Beginning

    Welcome to MorningMobi Web Comic! This is my first try, hope you enjoy it! The main character, EO (which is me) is originally design by Su and revised by me. And please feel free to comment at the bottom. EO in Brunei – The Beginning After 5 years of working, I left Singapore and now […]

  • January 7th, 2012 | (0)

    Magi for CE Contest II

    Just recently, under the influence of my partner (:p), I’ve joined the CE Contest II, and submitted my design – Magi. It is a great challenge and inspiration, plus it felt such an accomplishment to be able to design for a vinyl toy. Such fun! So that would explain my excitable tone in my post. […]

  • January 7th, 2012 | (0)

    MR.ZR for CE Contest II

    Hi there! Recently I just submitted a design for the CE Contest II. Introducing Mr.ZR! Mr.ZR is a modern traditional chinese musician. The design is inspired by the chinese traditional music and the instructment, Zhong Ruan (中阮). Character details Name: Mr. ZR Occupation: Traditional Chinese Musician Design concept: Modern Musician + Zhong Ruan (wiki) Design […]