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Fun Jobs with The Huffs Flash Card for kid's learning

Explore 26 types of jobs with The Huffs Flash Card!

Looking for a fun way to teach your kid about different types of jobs from A to Z? We’ve made 26 beautiful flash cards with The Huffs, each of them are beautifully illustrated by us. Let The Huffs motivate your child today!

Who are The Huffs?

The Huffs

Puff is a smart owl and the nerdiest one among the Huffs. She is always in her room reading a book or doing an experiment. Puff always stays up late and enjoys staring at other animals.

Ruff is a cool husky dog who always gets into silly situations. He loves surprises and sniffing at foods. His favorite hobbies include long baths, cooking and barking at the moon.

Tuff is a tough brown raccoon who loves to explore exotic places. He is easily distracted by shiny things. Besides adventuring, Tuff enjoys watching movies and washing apples.

What’s included?

Fun Jobs with The Huffs Flash Card for kid's learning

All these items are now currently selling at only $4.99! All you need to do to purchase is by clicking the button below (We are using Etsy), download the file and let your child enjoy the flash cards – either on screen or print on paper!

Instruction Guide

Instruction guide

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