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Series: Time 时间

Today let’s learn how about the different TIME of the day in Chinese! If you find our worksheets useful, you can buy the full set of this series HERE. There are also three free worksheets for you below.

This series contains 22 pages of writing worksheets:

  • 时间 time
  • 秒 seconds
  • 分钟 minute
  • 小时 hour
  • 点 o’clock
  • 清晨 early morning
  • 早上 morning
  • 中午 noon/midday
  • 下午 afternoon
  • 傍晚 evening
  • 晚上 night
  • 半夜 late night
  • 黎明 daybreak
  • 黄昏 nightfall

Some of our complete series of Chinese worksheets can also be found in our ETSY STORE. We sincerely hope that you will continue to support us. Do let us know what words you would like to learn next. Thank you very much! :)

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Let’s learn how to write Chinese characters about how the different time of the day!


Let’s learn how to write MINUTE in Chinese!

Download: Worksheet 1 - 分钟 Minute (245)


Let’s learn how to write MORNING in Chinese!

Download: Worksheet 2 - 早上 Morning (223)

Get the complete set here


Let’s learn how to write NIGHT in Chinese!

Download: Worksheet 3 - 晚上 Night (209)

You can get the complete set of this series at our ETSY STORE