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Chinese writing worksheets Christmas in Chinese

Series: CHRISTMAS 圣诞

It’s almost the end of the year, and you know what that means. That’s right! CHRISTMAS is just around the corner. Let’s learn about presents, candy canes, cookies and other Christmas-y words in Chinese. If you find our worksheets useful, you can buy the complete set of HERE. There are also two free worksheets for you below.

This series contains 47 pages of writing worksheets + 4 colouring pages.

  • 圣诞 Christmas
  • 圣诞节 Christmas season
  • 圣诞快乐 Merry Christmas
  • 圣诞晚会 Christmas party
  • 平安夜 Christmas eve
  • 圣诞老人 Santa Claus
  • 雪人 snowman
  • 雪花 snowflakes
  • 雪橇 sleigh
  • 圣诞树 Christmas tree
  • 圣诞卡 Christmas card
  • 圣诞袜 Christmas stockings
  • 圣诞铃 Christmas bell
  • 圣诞颂歌 Christmas carols
  • 装饰品 ornaments
  • 礼物 gift / present
  • 蜡烛 candle
  • 烟囱 chimney
  • 壁炉 fireplace
  • 拐杖糖 candy cane
  • 饼干 cookie / biscuit
  • 姜饼屋 gingerbread house
  • 烤火鸡 roast turkey
  • 小精灵 elf
  • 驯鹿 reindeer
  • 4 colouring sheets

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Let’s learn Christmas-y words in Chinese.

Chinese writing worksheet card in Chinese

卡 card

Download: Worksheet 1 - 卡 card (169 downloads)

Chinese writing worksheet snow in Chinese

雪 snow

Download: Worksheet 2 - 雪 snow (182 downloads)

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