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Chinese writing worksheets zoo animals in Chinese

Series: AT THE ZOO 在动物园

Do you love animals? Then, let’s head to the zoo and learn about some animals in Chinese.

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This series contains 30 pages of writing worksheets + 4 pages of colouring

  • 动物 animal
  • 动物园 zoo
  • 饲养员 zookeeper
  • 笼子 cage
  • 熊 bear
  • 北极熊 polar bear
  • 大熊猫 panda bear
  • 狮子 lion
  • 豹 leopard
  • 狐狸 fox
  • 骆驼 camel
  • 马 horse
  • 河马 hippopotamus
  • 斑马 zebra
  • 大象 elephant
  • 大猩猩 gorilla
  • 袋鼠 kangaroo
  • 鹿 deer
  • 长颈鹿 giraffe
  • 犀牛 rhinoceros
  • 4 pages of colouring sheets

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Let’s learn about these common zoo animals in Chinese!

Chinese writing worksheet 动物 animal

动物 animal

Download: Worksheet 1 - 动物 animal (256 downloads)

Chinese writing worksheet 大熊猫 panda bear

大熊猫 panda bear

Download: Worksheet 2 - 猫 cat (254 downloads)

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