The Huffs Fright in the Autumn Night

The Huffs: Fright in the Autumn Night

Autumn has arrived at Rainbow’s End. It is time for roasting acorns and jumping on piles of lovely brown leaves. But something strange is happening at night.

The Huffs and The Lost Prince

The Huffs & The Lost Prince

Follow the rainbow and plunge into a colorful mushroom field where you’ll get to meet the Huffs! In this first book, the three good friends embark on a quest when Tuff finds a mysterious golden egg hidden behind some bushes.

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July 5th, 2014 | (0)
37 Big round eyes

37 Big round eyes

Some artists draw their characters with big BIG round eyes.


May 1st, 2014 | (0)
Chicken rice wallpaper

Delicious Asian Food: Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hungry for chicken rice, yet can’t have it? Why not go for the next best alternative – staring at it all day from your screen? :D Have a happy chicken rice day!